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50 years of Space co-operation between India & France – commemorative postage stamps relea

As like most other space faring nations, India has always been open to multi-national collaborations thereby encouraging international partners. Unlike mid 20th century, where ISRO used to take guidance and support from the then space faring nations, the 21st century had been a century for multifaceted relationships with other nations. Thanks to the great knowledge potential and technology capability demonstrations by our scientists, researchers, academia and students, various countries are looking upto India and now taking utmost interest in building healthy relationships with the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO).

Like every other nation, France had been a great partner for India in terms of various space related collaborations since 1964. What started as a protocol agreement between the countries has since continued on multiple projects and both of them have been supportive for peaceful uses of outer space.

In commemoration of the 50 years of co-operation between India and France, the postal departments of both the countries have released stamps. Department of Posts, India and La Posts, France have released stamps containing images of “Satellite with Argos and ALtike” (SARAL) and Megha-Tropiques satellites that were jointly developed by ISRO and Centre National d-Etudes Space (CNES) of France. These 2 satellites were launched by PSLC-C18 in 2011 and PSLV-C20 in 2013 respectively.


Source : ISRO & Department of Posts, India

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