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PSLV-C42 launches two satellites from UK

NovaSAR and S1-4 designed and developed by Surrey Satellite Technologies Ltd. (SSTL), UK, was successfully launched into sun-synchronous orbit through PSLV-C42. The satellites were injected into 583 km SSO orbit as per commercial agreements between SSTL and Antrix Corporation, Department of Space.

PSLV-C42 was the 44th successful flight of PSLV and 12th in core alone configuration. This launch is purely a commercial launch for ISRO.

NovaSAR, in the shape of a cheese grater is an S-band synthetic-aperture radar satellite primarily intended for forest mapping, land use, ice cover monitoring, flood and disaster monitoring. S1-4 is a high resolution earth observation satellite intended to be used for surveying resources, urban management, environment and disaster monitoring.

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