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Resourcesat-2A launched successfully

Resourcesat-2A is a remote sensing satellite which is part of a follow on mission to its predecessors Resourcesat-1 (2003) and Resourcesat-2 (2011). The satellite will continue to provide multi spectral high resolution imagery to gather information on land mass, water bodies, farm lands, mineral resources, coastal information, forest areas and disaster management.


Resourcesat-2A with solar panels open at Clean room (Source:ISRO)

The details of the 3 onboard payloads that will help with the above mission is provided below.

  1. Linear Imaging Self Scanner (LISS) IV camera operating in 3 spectral bands in the visible and near infra red region with a 5.8 meter spatial resolution of required land mass every 5 days. The resolution helps gather information at a taluk level.

  2. Advanced Wide-Field Sensor (AWiFS) operating in 3 spectral bands in VNIR and one band in SWIR provides images with a 56 meter spatial resolution enabling scientists to gather information at a state level.

  3. Linear Imaging Self-scanning sensor (LISS) III – which operates in three spectral bands provides a 23.5 meter spatial resolution images to help gather information at a district level. This also has a revisit period of 5 days.

PSLV-C36 in its 38th flight has successfully placed resourcesat-2A into an 827 km polar sun synchronous orbit (SSO) today.

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