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Sathyabamasat is a nano satellite developed by students of Sathyabama University under the technical guidance and support from ISRO. The payload contains an ARGUS 1000 multispectral IR spectrometer having a spectral range between 900nm to 1700nm. Its a typical 2U Cubesat with a mass of 1.59Kg. It was launched today alongside Cartosat-2C using PSLV-C34 launch vehicle from launchpad 2 of Sriharikota.

Image Source : ISRO

The satellite design and development commenced in 2009 as a result of an MoU signed between the University and ISRO. The mission objective is to measure the densities of green house gases (Carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, methane, hydrogen fluoride and water vapour) over specific regions using ARGUS 1000 IR Spectrometer. Once the data is captured around specific regions, it is then transmitted to the ground station when it crosses the radio window. The ground station is being built in Sathyabama University at Chennai.

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