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Scatsat – 1 launched into orbit by PSLV-C35

In continuation of Oceansat series, ISRO has launched Scatsat-1 today using PSLV-C35 rocket. Developed by space applications centre, Ahmedabad, the mission objective is to provide wind vector data products for weather forecasting, cyclone detection and tracking services to users.

The lifetime of Oceansat-2 ended after four-and-a-half years and hence ISRO has launched Scansat-1 to replace it. The primary payload is a scatterometer which is capable of measuring wind speed and its direction over the ocean – hence predicting cyclones 4 to 5 days in advance.

In addition to launching Scatsat-1 to 720km polar sun synchronous orbit, other satellites including NLS-19 satellite from Canada, Pathfinder-1 from USA, 3 satellites from Algeria, 2 satellites Pratham from IIT Bombay and PISAT from PES University, Bangalore were also launched into a 670km polar orbit. This is the first time, PSLV launches satellites into 2 different orbits.

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