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South Asia Satellite (GSAT-9) launched successfully.

ISRO has successfully launched South Asia Satellite also known as GSAT-9 into geo stationary orbit yesterday. GSAT-9 operates in the KU-band and it carries 12 such communication transponders.


Source: ISRO

GSAT-9 was launched into orbit by GSLV-F09 launch vehicle and this was its eleventh successful flight. GSAT-9 is intended to serve various broadcasting and interactive telecommunication applications like tele-medicine, education, banking and television broadcasting for south asian countries including Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Nepal, Maldives and Srilanka.

This will be achieved using its 12 KU band transponders and each participating south asian country would be provided dedicated access to a transponder for their utilisation purposes. The satellite is also intended to collect real-time weather data using its state of the art remote sensing technology and helps in geological observations of above mentioned South Asian countries.

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